Labor Day Weekend 2023 Rendevous & “Race”

Jeff invited the club out to his cabin on Vashon for Labor Day Weekend. Jeff and his family hosted Joe and Sue, who came out on Presto, Ginnie Jo, her girls, Bill who came out on Tatiana, Jess, Daniel, and family who came out on AOK, Eric and Marilyn, & Shaun and myself, who came out on Tri To Be Nice. We had two wonderful potluck dinners, campfires, fun with the zip line, light up bocce ball, Sunday breakfast on TTBN where we made race plans which turned into almost all of us going out on Presto together due to 20 knots of wind in the forecast. We sailed to Shilshole where we met up with Kris and Vince on Freda Mae, who had the cutest sail plan I have ever seen. Here are a few pictures of our fabulous time. Thank you Jeff and Julie! – Jess Aarhaus

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