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December 5 Meeting & Holiday Party

We invite you to join with us in celebrating winter, the impending end of 2023, and the onslaught of holiday debauchery, on Tuesday, December 5, 2023, at our usual meeting ... Read more

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Nov 7 Meeting – Emergency Preparedness

Our November 7 meeting will feature a presentation by Captain Tami Allen, centering on emergency preparedness, and the role boaters can play.   Tami will speak to community preparedness for ... Read more

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Oct 3 Meeting – Reinforcing Trimarans

Presentation Materials Added. Our October 3 meeting will be a discussion led by Jeff Oaklief and Vince DePillis about reinforcing Farrier and Corsair trimarans for extreme duty, such as the ... Read more

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Canceled | Rally

This event has been canceled. Future rendezvous events will be posted for dates as early as Spring 2024 Everett is booked. New location TBD. Let's rendezvous and race, the weekend ... Read more

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September 12 Meeting — What I did this Summer

Greetings Multihullers! Our September 12 meeting will be our traditional "What I did over my summer vacation" get together.  Please bring your stories (appropriately condensed) and pictures, hopefully with a ... Read more

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Blake Island Rendezvous-July 28 to 30

It's sort of short notice, but Presto (big cruising cat) and Ruf Duck (R2AK veteran) will be sailing to Blake Island on July 28 to 30. Everyone is welcome to ... Read more

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The Annual Third of July Celebration in Poulsbo

We don't know if there will be fireworks this year or not, but it's a good excuse for a party. Get there a bit early to get a good anchoring ... Read more

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2023 Race to Alaska (R2AK) Send-Off Party

You are invited to a dinner and party at Point Hudson Marina in Port Townsend, Sunday June 4th, at 5:15pm in the Marina Room. This will be the NWMA June ... Read more

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Poulsbo’s Viking Fest

55th Annual Viking Fest. It's cool. It has Vikings. You can get there by boat, or by car. You may see some NWMA members there. Poulsbo will be crowded but ... Read more

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Blake Island Get-Together

A simple get-together where people are likely to find each other. Anchoring can be found off of the southwest and also on the northwest side. Check your depth and the ... Read more

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  • 2023 Round the County Multihull Rae on an F25C, Makika

    2023 Round the County Multihull Rae on an F25C, Makika

    Written Nov 16, 2023, by Nige After some 50 kt winds blew through as forecast on Friday night, Nov 10, we left Friday Harbor for the 10 mile sail to … Read more

  • Labor Day Weekend 2023 Rendevous & “Race”

    Labor Day Weekend 2023 Rendevous & “Race”

    Jeff invited the club out to his cabin on Vashon for Labor Day Weekend. Jeff and his family hosted Joe and Sue, who came out on Presto, Ginnie Jo, her … Read more

  • Impromptu Gathering & Race @ Shilshole

    Impromptu Gathering & Race @ Shilshole

    Pretty great turn out for a one day notice invite via the club’s Google Group email distro. Here are some picks from a fun evening, July 20, 2023, of racing … Read more