Larry’s Legacy Provides Shade

After no interest in Larry Christiianson’s Spinnaker, (The Whomper), at one of the Multihull club meetings a few years ago I offered to take it home where it’s been sitting in my basement for the last 3 years.  Today I found a great use for it!  It has made a fantastic reduction in heat on my east facing house and patio.  It’s still gonna get 100ยบ here though – everything is going to be hot, hot, hot!  

I attached a pic of the set.  The foot is a little loose and the shoulders are collapsing but that’s to be expected with the wind at only a knot of two.  I didn’t notice that Marilyn, with watering can, is also enjoying the shade. 

I never knew it had a swan graphic on it, cool.  Are those goslings to its left?  Is there a story about it?   Anyone know it?

Best wishes to everyone surviving this record heat spell.