Club Members Lining Up to Help

NWMA Club Members know how to show up and help. It has been proven time and time again and Tuesday, October 18th, 2022, was no exception.

After only 18 months being owner of an F27 named ‘Rehab’ and spending 4 plus, week-long summer vacations on their amazing multihull, as a family, they decided they were ready for a bigger boat. Ginnie and her family do not mess around. And if you know their story, you know how fitting her previous and new boat names are. Please welcome to the NWMA fleet, ‘Undaunted’, an F32AX, from Maine.

After driving over 9,000 miles to pick up her boat, a couple days of rest, and one email to, our club forum platform, Ginnie Jo had club members lining up at Shilshole to help her launch. Several club members documented the event. Here are Photos of the launch of ‘Undaunted’.

Other known new members to the NWMA fleet include an F9A named Mālolo and an F31R named Ceratops.

We recently learned that Von Taylor, after listening to the advice of fellow club member, Eric Lindahl and others, on buy vs. build, decided to grab a Farrier F9A trimaran from Long Beach, CA. He took it for a test sail over to Catalina then towed it behind his Sprinter van back north. Once safely home, he turned to the club for questions about raw trailer/boat weight, insurance options, and launching recommendations via our google group. He said, “After cruising primarily in monohulls, it was a thrill to fly into Two Harbors at 15kts feeling stable & in control.” Welcome Mālolo!

Von Taylor’s F9A, Mālolo

And last but not least. I love this couple! Paul English & Joanna Gaski purchased their 1998 Corsair 31R in Long Beach from original owner Jaques Blanc in May of 2021. Their boat stands out with a carbon cabin-top mounted boom in the French style and many weight saving modifications. Club member, Eric Lindhal, helped with several rounds of mast-raising, and adjusting all of the trailer bunks to help the boat fit in the Shilshole dry moorage parking spot. NWMA members also provided guidance on installing lifting padeyes for hoisting the boat and by quickly replacing the failing electric outboard with a gas power tilt outboard, not to mention, many other projects. Welcome *Ceratops!

Paul & Joanna’s F31R, *known by the US Coast Guard as Ceratops, formerly Xuxa. Graphics and a renaming ceremony coming soon.

NWMA Members are the best! Keep up the good work team!