Revisit the Past – Building Stories and Photos

When Andrew Rice was young his dad built one of the early trimarans in Puget Sound, launching in 1967.  The Trice played a very important part in their lives.  There‚Äôs nothing like spending summers sailing to provide memories of continuous adventure.  Later after finishing school and getting married, his parents were gracious enough to let him borrow the Trice each summer to take his family out.  They would take the ferry out and meet his parents in the San Juan Islands.  After sailing together for awhile his parents would take the ferry back and he would continue on. The Trice is still in use today, moored in front of their house in Shelter Bay.  None of their lives  would have been the same without it.  Click here to read more about the construction.
Another cool building story for one of the few F-33s…  Canadian Sigi Stiemer had SN Composites built the hulls in Montreal, Eric Precourt finished the inside and outside in Trois-Riviere, while he and Bernd built the rigging in Vancouver.  


David Miller’s nephew Andy is completing an F-22 in Oakland.  He just did it as opposed to talking about it. He and the boat will be coming back to the Northwest soon.  WAY TO GO ANDY!!!!

Allen Smith is building a F44-SC in down on the Columbia River and has a blog that he has regularly updated since 2006.  He hopes to launch spring 2014.
Member Rob Tharp has shared pictures of his F32 build of Pax – Space Spider on Photobucket.  He launched in 2007.

Joe Smith

Here’s a link to Joel Smith’s photo gallery of his project of finishing a Marples CC35 trimaran that was originally partially finished by former member David Vinson : Joe Smith’s photo gallery