Boat Project Tour

A few friends from NWMA gathered with hopes to go sailing. This particular winter day in Seattle, January 21st, 2023, was not only wet but the temperature started with a three and the wind forecast with a two. Apparently, wintertime is also a fine time to work on your boat. We decided to spend our time together touring boat projects around town and took selfies! Thought we would share.

Inside Freda Mae, under a tarp, at CSR in Ballard. Vince’s boat projects include a new blister entry-way cover, a new hatch (pictured), freshly re-bedded hardware (pictured), a port settee, and a beautiful new asymmetric daggerboard. Can’t wait to hear how the installation goes.
Inside Tatiana, on the hard, at Shilshole. Bill’s boat projects include the rebuild of his daggerboard case while awaiting his new mast! We hope it arrives soon.
On and inside Ruf Duck, on boat stands in the backyard. Jeff’s boat projects include installation of an AIS transponder and GPS plotter, new net rail supports, and hull repair from a grounding at an undisclosed time and location. You did great work Jeff!
On Undaunted, in her slip at Shilshole, the following day, after a beautiful sunny day of sailing. Ginnie even ran Undaunted’s Spinnaker. One last selfie!