Blake Island Rendezvous

The informal 5-21-22 rendezvous weekend was organized by Joe and Sue.  We had two large cruising catamarans and three 31/32′ Farrier/Corsair tris; that’s 13 hulls (plus they had dinghies, SUPs, kayaks).

Sailors included Doc and Virginia on Cat Shot, Joe and Sue on Presto, Paul and Joanna (F31R), Bill and Jigna on Tatiana.  On Min Vin were Eric, Marilyn, Diane, Ginnie Jo and her daughter Ayla and, new to sailing; puppy Mochi.

On Saturday, Eric and Marilyn and crew sailed with main and blue/yellow spinnaker. Had warm weather, light wind from the north.  It was wonderful!

The 2 cats were on 2 different mooring balls.  We had happy hour and dinner on Doc and Virginia’s boat, everyone else took dinghies there. All attended a Saturday potluck hosted by Doc and Virginia.

Diane, Ginnie Jo and Ayla got a dinghy ride to camp on shore at the campground near the mooring balls, it’s South of the island’s NW point. The restroom up hill had running water but no lights.  $32 fee per night for campsite. There were two friendly and helpful rangers. Ginnie Jo made a campfire that night, and some of us had s’mores. 

Blake Island now has 1 large critter-proof metal container per campsite! The ~2’x3’x3’ containers holds a lot of gear! So don’t need to bring a hard container for food to keep raccoons out. 

Eric and Marilyn brought 2 SUPs with seats and Hobie Mirage pedal drives, Ginnie, Ayla, Marilyn had fun pedaling around.

Sunday morning relatively early Presto and Tatiana left for home,  Paul and Joanna used the light air to get some tiller time and boat maneuver practice sailing around the island.  Doc and Virginia on Cat Shot left soon after.   Eric and Marilyn joined the shore campers; Ginnie Jo, Ayla, Diane and Mochi dog to hike to the marina.  Tillicum Village is closed for a couple of years, no Argosy tour boats going there, I hope they reopen.  Little store was open and sold us ice cream.  Very few people were around Tillicum Village since a private boat is needed for now.  Saw nobody else on trails. Some trails are mowed grass. Most trails that we walked on appeared correctly on Gaia GPS app and look the same on AllTrails app but 1 trail that’s shown on apps did not exist when we walked back and forth looking for it, so we walked a few blocks further than expected to the next trail.    

Fun was had by all!

Written by Diane Johnson, June 5, 2022

Please upload your Blake Island Rendezvous – May 21-22, 2002 Photos and feel free to download other’s share photos.