AHOY, The Fleet has a new member (TTBN)!

A beautiful blue hulled 2002 Corsair F31.  Last October the club learned that Shaun and Jessica had found their boat.  They have been investigating this model for a while and low and behold here it is. It was a western boat likely to have been originally named “Nice Tri” from Salt Lake. Then it was sold across the country to New York, then to Connecticut and most recently to an Arkansas man who had 3 daughters, thus the name “Tri to be Nice…To Your Sisters”.  Shaun and his dad trailered it back to Seattle in November. 

A few hours before the launch Jessica and Shaun let a couple of us who had helped them early on, know that they were going to be launching the boat. They mentioned that if we happened to be walking the dog near the Ballard 14th Avenue boat ramp, we might run into them.   As it turned out Vince was out on a bike ride, and this writer, as well as Mark and Diane, were looking for a bit of air and some exercise.  Whaddaya know soon there we all were.  I figured the fresh gusty south wind helped with our social distancing but we still were aware to maintain 6 feet in the damp breezy afternoon.  Shaun’s parents were also there so the 8 of us got busy getting the boat ready for its first launch. 

An hour or so later, after enjoying some home-made sailboat cookies, and making sure all the parts were in the right place, including new masthead tac tic wind instruments, the boat was backed down the ramp and splashed.  Then the business part of unfolding the ama’s and putting up the mast commenced.  After triple checking all the lines and shrouds by the captain and the other 2 experienced F-boaters, we undertook the delicate operation of raising the ~200 lbs 42’ mast with the Farrier gin pole system.  It’s always a bit nervous doing this, there is so much leverage and force involved as the mast is lifted off its aft support.  All went well except a minor problem with breaking part of the jib furler housing. Still, the boat is sail-able, and the housing can be fixed later. 

A NW Multihull Association burgee was presented to Shaun and Jess with instructions on the proper orientation for hoisting it (not upside down).  Then the 3 bows were christened with champagne while we commenced celebration their new baby. The sky was transitioning from occasional sprinkles to an earnest light rain, so we quickly got them ready to shove off.  The plan was to transit the locks for an overnight at Shilshole and in the morning head on down the Sound to their slip in Tacoma.  It would have been fun to go thru the locks with them but we oldsters were keen to maintain our distance so we bid them adieu for home.  Here are a couple links to the pictures of the day:

2020-03-28 Tri To Be Nice LaunchWeekend We look forward to sailing with them soon when this Covid virus blows over.  Congratulations!!! 

Submitted by Eric Lindahl