Manage Membership

To become an active (dues paying) member of NWMA you must first register an identity on this website. You only need to register once. Your identity continues into the future. We use this website to manage interactions with our members. Non-members have full access to this site without registering or creating an ID.

You can create an NWMA identity using an existing Google or Facebook account (Links below). If you choose to do this, you will log into this website using your username and password from Google or Facebook. This option is the easiest.

Alternatively, you can register an identity directly on this site.

You will be asked to make up a username and to provide an email address for club communications.
The system will then email you a link to create a site password. When the password is created, you will be shown a page to enter more information about yourself if you choose. Please do enter your real name.
Your information will be stored on this site.

After your create a user ID and password with either method, you will be able to log into the site on the home page – and you will be able to become a paying member of the club by following the same “Renew Membership or Join Now” link.

If you wish to become a club member but prefer not to register on this site, Contact

If you do not wish to become an active member at this time, you can return to the home page by clicking either “Home” or the NWMA logo at the top of the page.